The Ultimate Online Sales & Scale Mastery Development Seminar

Are you ready to make more money?

The ECOM JOURNEY Experience is a live and interactive program that will put you through an experience where your potential is UNCHAINED FROM LIMITATIONS and learn the art of Online Selling & Scaling. Master Ecommerce.


Live & Online


Every 2 Weeks


Mike uses "multi-sensory" learning as the method to teach the content. This means you will be VERY engaged, awake and having fun! It's never a dull moment at The ECOM Journey Experience.


4 hours focusing on YOU & your transformations (7PM - 11PM)

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At The ECOM JOURNEY Experience you are brought the BEST SCIENCES, PRINCIPLES and PROVEN METHODS in the areas of Online Selling, Marketing & Scaling PLUS you learn how to overcome failure, stress, imposter syndrome and mental blocks. You will develop within yourself the ability to SELL AND achieve your goals without getting overwhelmed or stressed. 

Throughout the program you will learn everything about Ecommerce & Online selling. This means from domain names, to product messaging, to branding, to advertising, to fulfilling, to sourcing products and much much more.
And again we also focus on the causes of failure and getting stuck in life & business and provide proven remedies for it.  You will not only learn how to create an online business, but you will also be going through physical processes to immediately eliminate all things that are holding you back too.

Here’s an overview of what we will learn at The ECOM Journey Experience….

  • You’ll be given the roadmap to Online Selling Success
  • You'll become a better Business Person, Sales Person, Marketer, and Public Speaker
  • You'll learn how to scale and automate your business.
  • You will learn how to EXPLOIT social media & the Internet
    to make more money.
  • You will learn the habits that will change your life, and discover how to create habits that will help you achieve your business & personal goals.
  • You will master managing your thinking so that they serve your highest potential.
  • You will get rid of any fears of starting or scaling a business and take possession of your mind and emotions. 

If you're ready to...

  • To Sell or Scale Online
  • Explore Your Potential
  • Boost Your Self-Worth & Confidence
  • Escape A Life Of Poverty And Insecurities
  • Create Positive Change In Our World
  • Live Everyday With Purpose, Freedom And Energy


Hey, It's Mike.

I am the Creator of The ECOM Journey Seminar Experience.

I'll be your guide through this transformational Personal & Business experience that is a proprietary training I created for you.

I created ECOM Journey because MULTIPLE were asking people everyday "How do you do it?" And so to help not just 1 person but many I created this seminar so that you can also learn to start & scale an online business.

I’ve packed each hour of The ECOM Journey Seminar with exercises to help you understand selling Online, Scaling and to Take The Necessary Action to Get What You Want in Life & In Business.

To date, I have helped hundreds of human beings become Online Selling Pros. I've helped them understand their inner business self and boost thier confidence.

Whether you've been on a journey of growth & self-development, or you’re brand new to events like this… get ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE & BUSINESS. I am certain that The ECOM Journey Experience will help you transform into a person you never even knew you could become.

You've got questions, we've got answers!

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Why was ECOM Journey Created?

After realizing that many people still don't know how to sell online. I realized I can simply teach anybody my effective roadmap so that they can also take advantage of this lucrative opportunity. 

The ECOM Journey Experience is my way of getting you to that turning point.

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Who comes to REBORN?

Moms, Dads, Business Owners, Teenagers, Grandparents, Young Adults, Widows, College Students, Creatives, Seekers, Entrepreneurs…

Those who seek to make positive change in their life & business are welcome at ECOM Journey!

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Is there anything similar to The ECOM Journey Seminar Experience?

You will never find another event like ECOM Journey.

The teachings are a mix of Psychological Principles, paired with live coaching exercises and group activities. I created this event upon seeing a gap in the market for transformational experiences that equip people with tools to make lifelong change, beyond the 8-hours that we’re together.

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Will tickets sell out?

Yes they will!

Tickets get book fast so we recommend securing your ticket today.

Tickets are 100% Free

Thinking about joining us at ECOM Journey 2023?

The Experience is unlike ANYTHING you’ve attended before.

With 1000's of students already graduated, there's no question that The ECOM Journey Experience is a recipe for massive success.

You'll never find another workshop like this. As your guide through this 8 hour event, I am actively engaged with each & every attendee, along each step of the way.

I can't wait to share the transformational magic with you!

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Online Selling is for EVERYBODY. Hear me out...

The ECOM Journey is perfect for you if...
You want to start a business that revolves around what you like to do,
Remember, its not just Selling Products Online!
You can literally sell your Child Care Services, your Home Cooked Meals, your Consulting Packages and much much more Online.
You want to be equipped with tools for managing your online business.
You want to get rid of any FEARS or Imposter Syndrome to run your own online business.
You want to know how to scale & automate your online business!
You want to build confidence & belief.
You want to make your dream life your real life.
You want to conquer any & all limitations.
You want to create a NEW game plan for your life.
That's why I created ECOM Journey.

In order to surpass your current blocks, transcend your limiting beliefs, reach your potential and sell & scale online... you need to learn the ECOM Journey tools and methods.

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Call Us: +1 416 948 1402

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